Ralph And Russo

By Joseph Benjamin

Ralph & Russo is a fashion dream that came true, in just 10 years, Tamara Ralph and Michael Russo have turned their small couture atelier into a global powerhouse, with a client list that includes billionaires and celebrities and most recently royalty. The brand is set to launch boutiques around the world, as well as ready to wear collections, confirming their status as the rising star of London's luxury brands.

When Megan Markel finds herself in need of a special gown, something floor-sweeping, and brilliantly exquisite, embellished with diamonds and suitable for marriage to a real-life prince. Then she could do no better than turn to  Ralph & Russo. 

Haute couture is about fantasy: an extraordinary world of hand-stitched dresses, million-dollar jewels, and uninhibited, almost unimaginable luxury. And at the centre of it all, unexpectedly, are Tamara Ralph and Michael Russo, a thirty-something Australian couple, partners in both life and love, who started out a decade ago with just a sewing machine and a few hundred pounds, but who now boast 1,000 clients and employ more skilled artisans than Chanel or Dior. It’s as close to a fashion fairy tale as it gets. ‘We’re still astounded every day,’ they say, with sophisticated understatement.

 You don't have to take my word for it, here's what Amy Verner had to say about the collection.

 "As Russo and partner Tamara Ralph’s first big statement since the royal wedding, for which they were considered strong contenders to design Meghan Markle’s dress, the collection did not come across as an overt bid to win her over for future black-tie occasions. With so many of the gowns oozing so much glitz and glamour: the lacy bustiers and allover transparencies; volumes of feathers and gold and silver crystal sequin embellishments; and diaphanous skirts slit up to the hip bone? Not even in some parallel universe could the Duchess of Sussex get away with bejeweled garters peeking out from a very sexy ivory coat dress. The chiffon caftan gown with a jewel-encrusted collar, which Ralph singled out as a key statement, was quite the showstopper; yet to be duchess-appropriate, the swirling highlighter hues would need to be swapped for a subtler palette.”