Is My Drip Not Enough? How to stay stylishly confident during Fashion Week

Originally written for Kulture Hub by Cassell Ferere

This past week was Fashion Week here in New York City and the streets were littered with influencers and fashion’s elite, as well as fashion enthusiast from all over the world. And if you’re a bit intimidated - it’s ok!

Images by  Cassell Ferere  during Paris Fashion Week FW19

Images by Cassell Ferere during Paris Fashion Week FW19

Admit it, you want to go to the shows and wear the clothes from the runway or if you’re bold enough, show off your style. But if you’re not into it – Fashion Week – chances are you're still into fashion.

So is your drip enough; is it that you think you need to be the most fly and the freshest?


I can attest to the feeling of inadequacy in a room of people who are knowledgeable of the fashion world and dressed with impeccable style. To stand next to certain individuals will cause some insecurities of your own. But what you should understand that your anxiety is normal and there is still a human being under all those layers of fashion perceived elitism.

For the average person, fashion as an afterthought, if that. Getting dressed in the morning is normal for most cultures around the world. In New York City, though, it may be structured a bit different.


Roots in Fashion


I grew up in Brooklyn and when I would get dressed for high school in the morning and then change because I didn’t like what I put on at first, my mom would tell me to “hurry up and get dressed before you’re late; you’re going to school, not a fashion show.” Little did she know, that was the main reason for a lot of us to go to school each day. I completely understand if high school wasn't as fashionable due to studies, athletics, or economic situations. Those play into our insecurities and anxieties about fashion. We care about something more important than fashion.


A new pair of Jordan’s came out each week, while premium Japanese denim and Prada sneakers were all the peak of our classmates’ attention. The auditorium was the runway, where everyone hung out, complementing the styles of friends and rivals. Internally, a competition amongst our friend groups to be the most stylish.


Fantasy Fashion League


Fashion is something of fantasy to those who seek to be a part of the fashion world, and to me it is. Whether you think it’s attainable or not, it allows for allure and an aura that is empowering. It enriches ones’ character; you feel smarter, stronger, plain old better. if you're older, it makes you feel younger, if your younger – more mature, if you feel insecure then fashion is your armor. Fashion can be and is your daily amour. As we see the runway shows from afar, it tantalizes our senses and we yearn to be there – to where those clothes ultimately.


To be invited to a show is the ultimate acceptance into the fashion industry – celebs, athletes, and important people in businesses related to fashion are some who tend to be invited. As Social Media grew, so did the number of invites. Shows are more open and inclusive today then they were in, say, the ‘90s. Shows in New York City, are tending to cater to the masses who flock the city in search of Fashion shows to get content for their social media pages.

As with the traditional media, social influencers present opportunities for brands to broaden their visibility to niche markets. It’s a mutually beneficial agreement. But it remains a question of if “this is what you want?” Influencers are enthusiast just like most people who enjoy shopping. For the average social media user, to be at a fashion show during fashion week would essentially be something you would have to want to attend. Whether you spend tons of money on one brand, or have a friend in fashion who can offer a plus 1.


More Than Enough


As fashion adjusts to the influx and opportunity for new costumers, they have adapted through collective efforts by venues, brands, showrooms and agencies to make shows more friendly to public viewing. Offering standing room at most shows allows for more exposures for brands directly to consumers.

The amount of brands as well as the amount of shows has grown. So to attend a show is more of a possibility. Keep in mind there are shows all over New York. Also, let’s recall the infamous Fashion’s Night Out – which has been “canceled” – where fashion lovers, who were encouraged to shop during an economic recession, would roam the streets of NYC in search of fashion parties.


Know Yourself

Attending the shows and interacting with your surroundings, at the point in which you are exposed to Fashion Week, can afford you great understanding in the nuances of the industry. It’s intimidating for anyone to find their own style, and finding your way around the room would help. As some may be wearing more elaborate and expensive clothes, it’d better to not compete unless your goal is to be the loudest dresser in the room. Then you subject yourself to critique as an adornment of the event.

The main takeaway is to be smart about your kit, and about how it fits. Stay true to what you feel is comfortable on you and always know that evolution is something your style can go through overtime, elevating your drip and defining your style. Maybe you'll get noticed for just being you and invited to a show.