What Is Pop Culture ?


By Joseph Benjamin

Pop Culture is the entirety of attitudes, ideas, images, perspectives, and other phenomena within the mainstream media of a given culture. Over the last 20 years, we have watched actors, singers, fashion designers, and now social influencers; influence and create a generation that bridges cultural divides.

However, does pop culture effect fashion? Or fashion, does it affect pop culture?

Let’s think about what colors represent pop-culture to us. I’m sure we will all come up with different colors. I believe this is because we have an idea of what pop-culture is or what it means to us as individuals. When thinking of the elements of personal style, does it make more sense that style has more to do with our own particular personal culture?


Everything that we believe about the world comes from something that we have seen or experience. These experience create stories about the world and ourselves; this is how our personal-culture is created. I feel utterly justified in saying that trends and style are a perspective. However, until recently, we only had access to the views of influential people in the fashion industry like Tim Blanks, Hamish Bowel, and of course, Anna Wintour.

In front of your very eyes, you have watched as the fashion industry told you what to wear, and how to wear it.

There needs to be more of a balancing act in the fashion industry, and I remember a time to be considered an influencer, followers didn’t matter, engagement did. This is because of the ability creators have to connect with people on an authentic level. Authenticity is something that I feel is in question, with the idea of influencers creating content with specific parameters set by a brand or agencies . To be authentic, we must create without boundaries; influencers have just become another way for some of the biggest brand and magazines to feed you subliminal content.


The simple truth is fashion magazines and influencers have too much power to persuade you to buy something. Most likely, you are already loyal to a brand even if you can’t afford it. When you do get those coins, you already know where to go. It’s an advantageous marketing strategy and whomever thought of it, is a genius (and we’re not mad). Fashion is pop-culture; the media is not here to control the perception of style, trends, or buying habits. Fashion and culture should start with an unbiased perspective.

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