Reverie Announces Page, Frist sustainable Fashion Magazine


news Release:

New York, NY 2019: Reverie: Page is a newly-established fashion publication dedicated to the development and success of current and emerging fashion designers. Focusing on sustainability and promoting consciousness while delivering an unbiased perspective of the fashion industry.  Page magazine core belief is to bring back the vivacity and alluring nature a fashion magazine once held. In an age where pop culture is just as important as world-culture, the dissemination of content is changing, Page aims to produce beautifully stunning content that pleases the reader ascetically. 

Reverie: Page provides a fresh, insightful take on fashion, lifestyle, and culture. The Magazine’s website will provide a new perspective of the entire fashion industry. Page editors are focused on interviews about the internal dialogue of a person more than their external markers of success. Page believes success is often the closing chapter of an individual’s professional story. Reverie: Page is interested in the beginning and the middle chapters of someone’s story, this is often where people struggle, learn and grow. 

Cassell_2017.10.11 -4771.jpg

“Page Magazine will be the first truly sustainable fashion magazine. Our print issues will be made to order. But Most importantly, we want to provide insight into fashion that is palatable for any fashion enthusiast who wants a grounded outlook on fashion. We intend to humanize fashion while informing and enlightening our readers.”

- Cassell A. Ferere, Editor-in-Chief

Besides offering brands a way to connect with an audience through integrated storytelling, page magazine exists to inform and inspire our readers. The quarterly print magazine will feature engaging informative exclusive content covering fashion, sustainability, and pop culture. Page Magazine has chosen to offer made-to-order print issues.

“An authentic experience is what people crave. Made-to-order print issues will show our audience how authentic and creative we are.”

- Joseph Benjamin, Publicist & OCD