These Sunglasses Are a Perfect Upgrade to Your Parent's Frames

Liliana  wearing the Dennis sunglasses by Nessy Khem

Liliana wearing the Dennis sunglasses by Nessy Khem


Written and Photographed by Cassell A. Ferere

She was born in Tunisia and grew up in Paris. Nessy Khem has upgraded sunglasses to a sleek, futuristic look, from the frames our parents wore. Nessy Khem sunglasses are designed in the United States and produced in Japan and are the cosmopolitan sunglass brand you've been looking for. 

Zephyr  in the Dennis Silver

Zephyr in the Dennis Silver

With cool frames inspired by familiar styles of the past, Nessy Khem’s Never Dies collection adds a certain flair to any look. Sunglasses that are made for the stage.  

Liliana in the Sacha

Liliana in the Sacha

Picking between the classic Aviators squared frames or Oversized frames may be difficult when you consider how refined and cool these sunglasses are. Defining your style here can come down to how you like to wear your frames.



If you’re more of a conservative and want a clean, concise look, then you'll probably want to get a pair of the Sacha aviators. A small profile with edgy cuts, these pairs have a sleek finish.



Looking for that state trooper look, or consider yourself big-time, then you’re on the market the ’80s inspired Dennis frame. These pairs are "heavy on the eyes" and will demand attention if you seek it.



For those who consider themselves on the sillier side of chic, then you may want the oversized Salomé frame. These Nessy Khem designs have a celebrity quality for that L.A. influencer look. 

Detail of the NK logo on The Salomé frame

Detail of the NK logo on The Salomé frame

These hand-made stainless steel frames come with full lens tints, as well as the gradient-tint ‘Smokey’ lenses. 24 karat gold plated frames are available for some in each design. What separates this sunglass brand from others is its snake-like chain made from 24k silver. The chain is also detachable and can be worn separately, accessorizing your pair. Matching chains are available with all sunglass styles and materials.

Debby  in the Dennis Black

Debby in the Dennis Black

Nessy Khem is refining tradition in her designs as she pushes for a look that still resonates with generations young, as well as old. A generation that reinvents, recycles, reinvigorates the things our parents had, only to make them our own.

Karolina  in Dennis 80’s Limited Edition

Karolina in Dennis 80’s Limited Edition

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