Not Your Average Petite Model

Petite Model and Psychologist,  Vanessa Rebello , knows how to handle the roses of life.

Petite Model and Psychologist, Vanessa Rebello, knows how to handle the roses of life.


Written by Hélène Clabecq


Vanessa Rebello is a Portuguese Model dedicated to inspiring other women to embrace their unique beauty. 


She explains to Reverie Page how her most difficult times led her to strengthen her self-confidence and how she journeyed into the fashion world.


What is your opinion of beauty in the fashion industry?


“I’m not expecting to change the fashion world, I used to say ‘I don’t make the game, I just play it’ and this is true. If I want to be a model, I have to take care of my skin, my body… But I don’t change myself to be a model.


However, what I constantly see is girls changing themselves to fit the industry and a lot of times they get sick, they start to consume drugs, they lose track of who they are to enter this world.”


What do you think is the core of some models’ insecurities?


“The thing is, most people aren’t happy in my industry because success brings a lot of exposure, that leads to judgments. Not a lot of models are ready to deal with that, so I think that if you can’t handle being talked about and disliked, then you’re not ready to be successful in any business. Life is too short to waste any time wondering what other people think about you.”


 “…if you can’t handle being talked about and disliked, then you’re not ready to be successful in any business.”

How did avoid that trap yourself?


“What’s important to me now is not others' opinions of me, but my opinion of myself. My advice is to anyone is to develop a strong opinion about yourself so that you don’t accidentally start believing what others say about you.”


“ can’t put your life and happiness in the hands of others.”

Have you always had that bulletproof mindset? 

“No… I first had to hit rock-bottom.

One of the saddest days of my life was the day my relationship was over: I loved that other person so much that I was contemplating ending it. But it also turned out to be one of the most important days of my life, because I realized I had to start loving myself more than I love others and increase my standards!

I learned that there is nothing more volatile than people. I learned that you can’t put your life and happiness in the hands of others. And most of all, I learned to love myself and believe in myself at 100%, and this is priceless. “


What is 'real' beauty, to you?


“Inner beauty is 'real' beauty. It’s in our confidence, our attitude, our positivity, our energy, our gratitude. And now, following my passion and living my dream is what makes me feel alive.”


“Inner beauty is 'real' beauty.”


Written by our contributor Hélène Clabecq, Interviewer specialized in stories of breakthroughs. She gathers data about human potential, consciousness, and perspectives around success, happiness and comfort zone by interviewing both strangers and celebrities around the world, to understand the triggers that push people to transcend themselves, no matter their walk of life. 


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