You Got Ideas? They Got Coffee!

Images by  Idea Coffee

Images by Idea Coffee


by PAGE Editor

Ideas and coffee go hand-in-hand, according to Albert Einstein. Thus, Idea coffee where coffee lovers can get their morning jump-start with artistically design froth for effect, of course. Working with Afficionado Coffee Roasters out of New Jersey, Idea provides coffee from ethically sourced bean growers from around the world.

Founders Young Kim and Lindsay Rho

Founders Young Kim and Lindsay Rho

With a sustainable and traceable motto and time-tested roasting techniques, Afficionado delivers phenomenal coffee served by the talented baristas of Idea.


“Innovation, Community, Sustainability. These are the pillars of Afficionado Coffee, and we are able to build upon them by partnering exclusively with the same producers, year after year.” - Afficionado Coffee Roasters

Located in the heart of midtown, Idea Coffee is a much-needed stop when running through the motions of New York City.


“Albert Einstein was not just known for being the father of modern physics but also for being an avid espresso drinker. He once said, “good idea begins with good coffee.” We want to serve good coffee so our guests will have great ideas! 

We value quality and strive to provide our customers with the best experience possible. Constantly pouring lattes with the intention to give your morning a great start. Proudly serving ethically-sourced, organic, and single-origin coffee that gives back to the world. Always seeking for an opportunity to improve, we change our menu seasonally with innovative beverages and premium ingredients to match what our customers desire.

 We sincerely wish that you would enjoy your stay at our cozy cafe and keep having great ideas!” 

– Idea Coffee