Express x karla


This Summer Express has collaborated with world-renowned stylist Karla Welch on a capsule that was subtle and radiant, all in one. We had the chance to catch up to with style influencer, Thania Peck in New York City as she showed us how to put together some of her favorite pieces from the collection.

Brands: Express x karla

Model: Thania

Stylist: Thania

Photographer: Cassell A. Ferere

Showroom: Express

Cassell_2019.07.18 Thania.CatcherStyle.ExpressxKarla-2631.jpg
Cassell_2019.03.02 IDAO Showroom.Elodie.Shenna.3Brands-6565.jpg
Cassell_2019.07.18 Thania.CatcherStyle.ExpressxKarla-2638.jpg
Cassell_2019.07.18 Thania.CatcherStyle.ExpressxKarla-2869.jpg
Cassell_2019.03.02 IDAO Showroom.Elodie.Shenna.3Brands-6850.jpg
Cassell_2019.07.18 Thania.CatcherStyle.ExpressxKarla-2943.jpg
Cassell_2019.07.18 Thania.CatcherStyle.ExpressxKarla-2987.jpg