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Editor-in-Chief | Creative Director

“Fashion is why I fell in love with photography and design.”

Born in Brooklyn, NY, Cassell A. Ferere has defined his lane. Redrawing the lines with visionary precision. Life, in all its facets, inspires him. Through this inspiration, Cassell founded Cassell Inc., which has been the harbor for all of his creative endeavors; photography, writing, designing, as well as directing films.



JOseph Benjamin

Marketing & Public Relations | Creative Director

"Entrepreneurship is the ability to make the impossible happen."

I have worked in the communication field for the past seven years and has enjoyed every second of it. Building and crafting the culture of a brand excites me. I uniquely see the world, and I believe if more people had the ability to see beyond themselves, the world would be a better place. Culture is an embodiment of self-expression, and I approaches every problem with an open mind and a unique perspective, simply because business is not all about logic, but what feels right instinctively. As I have always said, "entrepreneurship is the ability to make the impossible happen," which is what I strive for as a culturally integrated storyteller.



Omni-Present | Editor

Page Editor is our blank slate for any writer with an opinion but doesn’t need the attention.

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