FELT for the Fall


Although Summer is coming to an end and school is back in session, you can still enjoy the last bit of the heat while the weather transitions. FELT USA has the right gear to move through the changing seasons with their heavier “Sculptor” quarter-zip shirts and bucket hats to match. Included in the collection are branded cozy thick socks for those cooler nights as we encroach on Fall. Stay cool as it starts getting colder this semester.

FELT Fall Collection 2019


Model: Cameron Debe

Stylist: Model

Photographer: Cassell A. Ferere

Rob Serret

Cassell_2019.08.12 FELT.FW19.Editorial_Cam-7844.jpg
Cassell_2019.08.12 FELT.FW19.Editorial_Cam-7861.jpg
Cassell_2019.08.12 FELT.FW19.Editorial_Cam-7843.jpg
Cassell_2019.08.12 FELT.FW19.Editorial_Cam-7854.jpg
Cassell_2019.08.12 FELT.FW19.Editorial_Cam-7867.jpg
Cassell_2019.08.12 FELT.FW19.Editorial_Cam-7878.jpg
Cassell_2019.03.02 IDAO Showroom.Elodie.Shenna.3Brands-6931.jpg
Cassell_2019.08.12 FELT.FW19.Editorial_Cam-7894.jpg
FELT tote bag comes in 3 colors

FELT tote bag comes in 3 colors

Cassell_2019.03.02 IDAO Showroom.Elodie.Shenna.3Brands-6944.jpg
Cassell_2019.08.12 FELT.FW19.Editorial_Cam-7944.jpg
Film by Rob S.

Film by Rob S.

Cassell_2019.08.12 FELT.FW19.Editorial_Cam-7966.jpg
Film by Rob S

Film by Rob S

Cassell_2019.08.12 FELT.FW19.Editorial_Cam-7982.jpg
Cassell_2019.08.12 FELT.FW19.Editorial_Cam-7991.jpg
Cassell_2019.08.12 FELT.FW19.Editorial_Cam-8051.jpg
Cassell_2019.08.12 FELT.FW19.Editorial_Cam-8035.jpg
Cassell_2019.08.12 FELT.FW19.Editorial_Cam-8014.jpg
Cassell_2019.08.12 FELT.FW19.Editorial_Cam-8040.jpg
Cassell_2019.08.12 FELT.FW19.Editorial_Cam-8046.jpg
Cassell_2019.08.12 FELT.FW19.Editorial_Cam-8059.jpg
Cassell_2019.08.12 FELT.FW19.Editorial_Cam-8086.jpg